The Ether should distribute a governance token to the community in order to decentralize power and give the community the ability to decide who has moderation powers on the platform
The Ether shouldn't have a governance token until the The Ether's community discerns what the governance token will be used for
The LAO is comprised of an incredible network of crypto luminaries, from top builders to foundation members to vocal advocates. Furthermore, the LAO provides superior value to the projects it invests in compared to Venture Capitalists.
Will never happen.
Ethereum could if DeFi continue to gain traction.
Tokens are mainly associated with protocols
Chef Nomi took the community's funds by tapping into the dev fund. He should receive nothing.
Permanently burning their minting ability prematurely closes the door on potentially coming up with new incentive scheme to attract more YFI members or to incentivize developers to create new features.
YFI will not only be a top 10 token by market cap by 2021, it will be a top 10 by market cap by the end of October
The Ether should simply create a new "community" tag if an ETH1.x chain continues after ETH2.0 launches.
Whales shouldn't control the future of products purely because they are rich.YIP voting should move off-chain, or at the very least utilize a quadratic voting system for coinholders.
If a legacy ETH1.x POW chain continues operating, it is beyond the scope of this community.
The Ethereum 2.0 initial launch is slated for November. Considering Vitalik said it would be done by the end of this year, I think it will happen.