It is looking like we might be in one now! 50%+ drops in BTC and 70%+ drops in alts aren’t small
NFTs that provide utility are the path forward
Gods Unchained is a great example.
This is just the beginning. Digital scarcity , digital DNA
Polkadot plans on being the glue that connects all blockchains through bridges in the Parachains, it is not an ethereum replacement.
Once L2 is fully deployed, user base expands, she will invest
The value for reusing all the ETH ecosystem tool is great
What better place to debate the usefulness of a platform, but on the platform itself.
Uniswap should not reinstate liquidity rewards
The current NFT is more like a short-term artificial hype, and it won't last.
Whales dumping on the market at launch hurts the project more and is an even bigger turnoff
The sky is the limit with NFT's... but short term...
Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT
If state DMV's or secretary of states offer an blockchain identity alongside a state ID, it would....
EIP-1559 Has been accepted into the London hardfork possible ETA July/August 2021