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I did all the task and I was given certain unit that can not be claimed or withdraw
Borrowing from legacy decision making institutions, checks and balances can be incorporated from the start in a decentralized decision making framework and still make it accountable.
Metamask maybe
connecting to any of your wallets etc over mobile leaves you more vulnerable to various attacks - be cautious
NFTs will begin to see more use cases that appeal to an increasing number of individuals and subtly showcase where they can be a huge help in any type of project of any size - however theres additional factors which influence the speed of this adoption
This is both true & false. The demand fueling the NFT market mimics social irrationality. Hedonism + short attention spans & no consistent valuation model to reference = a lot of low priced NFTs & select few with any real market value. Buyers need to get selective & loyal.
The voice of the community is the future!