The sky is the limit with NFT's... but short term...
Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT
If state DMV's or secretary of states offer an blockchain identity alongside a state ID, it would....
EIP-1559 Has been accepted into the London hardfork possible ETA July/August 2021
They need to make it easier to begin the game
Any voting platform needs a trusted identity platform as it's foundation if it is to be achievable
If ETH continues to trend upwards in this cycle, it can outperform BTC and overtake it in market cap. The Ethereum network resembles how the Bitcoin network was like in its early days. As BTC gained further adoption, it continued to rise in value. ETH is growing faster than BTc
The potential benefits now outweight the negatives for governments globally
Liquidity inner mining
Status is one of the most underated messaging app
If EIP-1559 is adopted it will occur prior to ETH2
EIP-1559 will benefit ethereum users and should be implemented
Looking back that was way too conservative haha.
Proof of Work systems currently in place will continue for the foreseeable future, and electricity will become more available and inexpensive in the future.