Had been implemented!
EIP-1559 Has been accepted into the London hardfork possible ETA July/August 2021
If EIP-1559 is adopted it will occur prior to ETH2
EIP-1559 will benefit ethereum users and should be implemented
Vyper is an easier language for non-cryptonatives to pick up since its syntax is similar to Python. Furthermore, Vyper allows for more secure and auditbile smart contracts.
No, but 600$ will likely happen soon in December or in January
Yes, there are too many incentives to preserve a PoW chain with ETH 1.0
Not going to happen in ETH 1.0 but likely to happen in ETH 2.0
If ETH reaches $6,000, which is very possible in the coming decade, the price of ETH can definitely have a 1 day candle of $600
According to Hudson Jameson, this is false. "Berlin was never officially scheduled for June and EIP-2537 isn't needed for Serenity."
ETH is a bigger threat because ERC-20 tokens and other Ethereum standards provide more utility than Bitcoin
While optimistic roll-ups is a promising piece of technology, implementing this technology is highly complex for developers and also will be confusing for end-users.