This is just the beginning. Digital scarcity , digital DNA
The current NFT is more like a short-term artificial hype, and it won't last.
The sky is the limit with NFT's... but short term...
Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT
They need to make it easier to begin the game
Status is one of the most underated messaging app
Games like Axie Infinity have proven this model is viable. Play to earn is the next major evolution for gaming business models.
I have really been enjoying the Dark Forest game.
This audit if voted through by Gnosis governance should increase transparency as well as provide $12 in book value per GNO token in circulation.
From Arca's research, it is abundantly clear that the Gnosis team likely kept approximately $17.8 million that should be controlled by the Gnosis DAO as promised. A full audit should be executed.
Axie has already hit mainstream adoption.
Although the marketing used by Hex is over the top and the founder is a real character, it does not a mean that the project is a scam or is dishonest.
BrightID is significantly more resistant to Sybil attacks with layers of uniqueness and independent validation.
Integrating with MetaMask allows students to get their first-hand taste of Web 3.0 technology and gives the creator of the course experience integrating with Web 3.0 components. Both of these experiences are incredibly beneficial.