Agreed, the moment companies begin to do too much they seem to run themselves thin and away from there primary objective... coinbase is indeed on a level above most...
This is definitely a possibility
This in essence defeats the purpose of DeFi. For example, just look at how much stake these centralized exchanges have in certain projects, giving them control over governance. This would have the same effect with DeFi.
The SEC is a corrupt organization
ETH 2.0 wont be coming out anytime soon and XDAI layer 2 solution is ready to go. Gas prices are unbelievable, but almost nothing on Xdai.
Coinbase has tens of millions of users. If a small fraction of those utilize the DeFi integrations in their wallets, Coinbase will successfully onboard millions of new users to DeFi.
Every year, there is a new exchange leader. Turnover is high, and the chances that both the current DEX leader and current CEX leader maintain their position is small.
Focus on building the future rather than try to change the present
The entire premise of crypto is to empower the individual against states or mobs. That's social justice.
By not coming out in favor of social justice, Coinbase is alienating those who have been hurt by prejudice in our society
Coinbase is first and foremost a company that is driven to create an open financial system. Issues that center around social justice distracts the company from their core mission.
Disagree. Part of how buzz/hype/attention is brought to these platforms is the 'surprise' listings. This is great not only for CoinBase but also the ecosystem at large.