Creating a product is the best
Looks like it could be $ 5,000 :))
Still has a long way to go but NFTs will be the future bridge between individual investors and artists, once the ecosystem is there it will not gone
Once L2 is fully deployed, user base expands, she will invest
The value for reusing all the ETH ecosystem tool is great
Whales dumping on the market at launch hurts the project more and is an even bigger turnoff
The potential benefits now outweight the negatives for governments globally
Looking back that was way too conservative haha.
It will be difficult for any investor to avoid Ethereum by 2022. The integration of L2 solutions, and the resulting dapp Cambrian explosion, will attract the world's attention. Those who have invested in BTC are particularly easy to convert, and thus Lyn Alden will invest in ETH.
Pretty conservative estimate! Even though this post is outdated, I appreciate the bullish attitude! I think we will far surpass $1,500 in 2021.
Mainstream adoption.
Well, we been right. Yaay
The market can be irrational for a long time