will hit $1 000 000 one day.
long vesting schedule have to be executed smartly. otherwise it could be a turnoff.
btc is obsolete
Yes BTC will reach $100k.. that one can expect it to happen in 2022
Long vesting schedules are required to differentiate loyal community members from causal bounty hunters. It will also prevent users from dumping the tokens prematurely without understanding the full potential of the projects.
The long vesting schedule is shortened to allow the number of participants to grow quickly!
ETH looks more bullish than BTC and has no major corrections.
Creating a product is the best
Looks like it could be $ 5,000 :))
Still has a long way to go but NFTs will be the future bridge between individual investors and artists, once the ecosystem is there it will not gone
Once L2 is fully deployed, user base expands, she will invest