Borrowing from legacy decision making institutions, checks and balances can be incorporated from the start in a decentralized decision making framework and still make it accountable.
The basis of decentralization is that it isn't governed by a set of people but is open to everyone, doing that just makes it centralized in my opinion
As compared to previous years of China banning crypto
It is looking like we might be in one now! 50%+ drops in BTC and 70%+ drops in alts aren’t small
Polkadot plans on being the glue that connects all blockchains through bridges in the Parachains, it is not an ethereum replacement.
If state DMV's or secretary of states offer an blockchain identity alongside a state ID, it would....
Any voting platform needs a trusted identity platform as it's foundation if it is to be achievable
Merger should happen first to begin a narrative shift in public discourse that will take time to disseminate
Different strokes for different folks. Some users will want their stablecoins backed by fiat currencies, others will desire their stablecoins to be backed by an oracle-determined baskets of goods. Both can exist.
Completely agree. Right now, there is zero accountability in crypto. Who is to blame when funds are stolen? What checks are in place to prevent corruption? Pure community governance would be too chaotic, we need to progressively introduce more accountable governance.
Decentralized governance does need to involve some form of decentralized administration, though there can be checks and balances within that administration that have certain centralized components.
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The voting process must be reviewable by everyone - even if they don't know what a computer is.