The problems Ethereum faces today are non-technical
What better place to debate the usefulness of a platform, but on the platform itself.
If ETH continues to trend upwards in this cycle, it can outperform BTC and overtake it in market cap. The Ethereum network resembles how the Bitcoin network was like in its early days. As BTC gained further adoption, it continued to rise in value. ETH is growing faster than BTc
NFT's are a wide and diverse ecosystem like ERC20 and they deserve their own space
NFTs need their own community
Modern platforms return value to users
As the price of ETH rises and usage of Ethereum increase, gas costs will become prohibitively expensive. DeFi users have to utilize layer 2 solutions if they don't want their profits eroded away by gas costs.
A user does gain XP when agreeing with their own claim. Right now, they earn XP if they agree with a “for” argument they write on a claim they wrote.
The Ether - currently - holds this title...
This incentivizes writing proper claims and not only claims that please the existing community. It is a net positive for the platform when it's possible to objectively judge whether that take turned out to be true. Integrations with prediction markets & oracles would be great.
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