Earn XP to level up and become a Legendary Etherean

XP is a reputation system that denotes your expertise within an Ethereum stakeholder community

XP will eventually be an on-chain reputation system that can be used like a passport for other Ethereum based applications

If there is ever a governance token for The Ether, how much XP a user has may have a role, or even be the sole factor, in determining how many tokens they receive in a distribution

In-Game Reputation


How to Earn XP

Write a claim that attracts arguments

A claim is a statement that users debate

Earn 1 XP for every argument other users add to your claim

Write an argument that people agree with, an argument explains why a user is for or against a claim

Earn 1 XP every time someone agrees with your argument

Receive an upvote on your answer to a question

Earn 1 XP for every upvote to your answer

How To Lose XP

You will lose 10 XP if your claim, argument, comment, question, or answer is flagged by 5 unique users and an ambassador or MC approves each flag

An ambassador or MC approves if:

1. No clear logic or evidence was presented

2. The argument doesn’t address the issue

3. The argument focuses on the person not argument

4. The argument contains harassment

5. The argument is spam

If you have 5 claims, arguments, comments, questions, or answers removed, your account will be banned